Board and Councillor Nominations


The Chapter is looking for members who want to help shape the future of our organization, and the future of our practice in Massachusetts. The Chapter’s annual Board of Directors Election will take place in May of each year. We are looking for candidates with diverse personal and practice backgrounds. Nominations for the Chapter Board of Directors are now open. The Board typically meets in-person eight times per year (2-hour meetings), predominantly in Marlborough, MA. Interested Candidates should submit a current C.V.

Please send nominations by email to the Chapter at by March 15th

Duties and Responsibilities of each member of the Board:

  • to serve in the best interest of the entire membership
  • attend all regular and special meetings of the Board of Directors
  • develop MACEP goals and determine future direction
  • establish MACEP policy
  • support and defend all policies and programs adopted by the Board of Directors
  • obtain all information necessary to consider and vote intelligently on MACEP issues
  • approve the annual MACEP budget
  • elect the MACEPofficers and councillors
  • communicate regularly with the president and members of the board to discuss MACEP issues.

Active members of MACEP interested in serving as a Massachusetts Councillor are encouraged to submit their nomination for consideration as the nominating committee develops the slate of candidates.

Please send nominations by email to the Chapter at by March 15th

Duties and Responsibilities of each Councillor:
  • be knowledgeable about the issues and challenges facing emergency medicine
  • communicate MACP's stand on major issues
  • represent the interests of MACEP at the council meeting
  • become completely familiar with Council resolutions
  • speak as an individual unless given authority to speak for the delegation by a 2/3 majority vote of the delegation
  • introduce and support all MACEP resolutions
  • review resolutions assigned by MACEP president prior to the meeting and submit a recommendation
  • attend the MACEP board of directors meeting prior to the ACEP Council meeting to discuss resolution sand understand MACEP's position on each resolution.
  • vote at the ACEP council meeting