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MACEP celebrates its 50th anniversary this year and we are planning a proper celebration to be held on 
November 13, 2019 in Boston on Beacon Hill.  Before the big party, we will be organizing a MACEP LOBBY DAY where we will assist you, our members, in lobbying your districts’ senators and state representatives to help influence the voting on legislation we are supporting.  Among our priority legislation on that day will be :
H.910/S.588, An Act Relative to Mental Health Parity Implementation (Balser/Friedman)
Strengthens state reporting requirements and oversight of health insurers compliance with existing state and federal Parity laws.  
 H.932 An Act Relative to Out of Network Billing (Cassidy)
 This bill provides a solution to out-of-network billing by prohibiting patients from receiving unavoidable out of network bills, or "surprise bills," and lays out a solution to ensure reasonable reimbursement between the health insurer and the clinician for the services provided. The bill lays out a formula to establish a “usual and customary” rate of reimbursement for the given medical service in the geographic area according to an independent database.  The bill also establishes a mediation process and provides for additional patient protections regarding the enforcement of these provisions, as well as transparency requirements to prevent some instances of surprise billing.

Following a debriefing, we will convene at Carrie Nation Cocktail Club on 11 Beacon Street from 4:30 PM until 7 PM.  We are hoping to see a big turnout of current members, past MACEP officers, councillors and board members.  A special thank you to MACEP Past President Elijah Berg and LogixHeath for their support in helping make this celebration possible.