Massachusetts Emergency Medicine Political Action Committee (MEMPAC)

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Right now, lawmakers and government officials, not trained in medicine, are making decisions on legislation that may affect our specialty and how we provide our patients’ care. It is important that emergency physicians continue to band together and aggressively continue the role of patient advocates. The most effective way we have to participate in our state’s legislative agenda; to reach legislators and candidates to make them aware of the needs of our patients and our specialty; the  way to be sure our issues receive a proper legislative recognition is through the Massachusetts Emergency Medicine Political Action Committee (MEMPAC). MEMPAC is an effective tool that allows Emergency Medicines’ concerns to be heard by candidates for state legislative offices.

MEMPAC makes a careful study of the issues, researches the voting records of incumbents, and reviews the qualifications and expressed opinions of hopefuls before deciding who will receive donations in support of their campaigns.

Emergency Physicians in Massachusetts have made great strides in the last few years by educating state legislators regarding cost control, medical liability reform, overcrowding and diversion, preparedness and many others that impact everyone in the commonwealth in some way, at some time. The Massachusetts Emergency Medicine Political Action Committee (MEMPAC) is an effective and efficient way to help us communicate our views to legislators. Help assure that MEMPAC will be able to impact on the important legislative issues that affect you and your patients.

It is imperative that they hear what you have to say – that they hear the voice of emergency physicians loud and clear.  Please consider making a donation today up to the limit of $500**. With your support, we can make a difference!

**State law allows any individual to personally contribute up to an aggregate of $500 to a particular PAC in any calendar year. Contributions to MEMPAC are not deductible for state or federal income tax purposes.