Save the Date!

Wednesday, May 1, 2024 is MACEP's Annual Meeting

Strategic Plan

Mission Statement
The Massachusetts College of Emergency Physicians is dedicated to advancing excellence in emergency care, and advocating for emergency physicians, their patients and the health of the community.

Emergency Medicine Physicians in Massachusetts
Massachusetts Health Care organizations & groups
Public Education of Emergency Medicine

  1. Emergency medicine is recognized and valued as an essential public service in Massachusetts
  2. Patients seeking emergency care are treated by board certified emergency physicians who are supported in their practices with all resources necessary to provide the highest quality medical care
  3. Emergency physicians practice in an environment in which their rights, safety, and wellness are assured
  4. All patients have access to emergency services
  5. Emergency physicians are recognized and valued for their commitment to high quality patient care, teaching, leadership, research, and innovation
  6. All emergency physicians practicing in Massachusetts are members of MACEP
  1. Leadership Development
  2. Communication
  3. Membership Services
Roles MACEP will use to achieve its Goals
  1. MACEP leaders
  2. MACEP staff (full time & contract)
  3. MACEP members & potential members
  4. External organizations
To meet each goal, MACEP will pursue the following written objectives and strategies: