Save the Date!

Wednesday, May 6, 2020 is MACEP's Annual Meeting to be held at the Massachusetts Medical Society Conference Center, Waltham, MA

Current Legislative Bills

Legislative Session 2019-2020

H.931 – An Act promoting high value and high-quality care
H.932 – An Act relative to out of network billing (MMS bill)
H.1155 – An Act relative to parity of treatment with substance abuse
H.1043 – An Act relative to dual diagnosis treatment coverage
H.1938 - An Act relative to improving the outcomes for sudden cardiac arrest in the Commonwealth
H.3377 – An Act relative to emergency and disaster planning for health care providers (MACEP’s bill)
H.908 – An Act requiring mental health parity for disability policies
S.1150 – An Act providing access to full-spectrum addiction treatment services
S.610 – An Act to increase consumer transparency about insurance provider networks (MHA bill)
S.588 – An Act relative to mental health parity implementation
S.590 – An Act to require health care coverage for the emergency psychiatric services
S.592 – An Act relative to consumer transparency about provider networks.
S. 1313 - An Act relative to improving outcomes for sudden cardiac arrest

H.1998 – An Act relative to prescription monitoring program enforcement regulations
H.1967 – An Act relative to emergency room procedure for prescribing or dispensing pain medication to certain persons on probation.
H.1179 – An Act relative to hospital billing and licensure
H.1379 – An Act relative to the reporting of drug overdose deaths
H.967 – An Act to protect consumers from surprise medical bills
H.957 – An Act to protect consumers from surprise billing
H.1169 – An Act relative to establishing a commission to study ER copayments
H.1973 – An Act permitting ambulances to transport patients to urgent care centers
S.607 – An Act reducing the financial burden of surprise medical bills for patients