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Wednesday, May 7, 2025 is MACEP's Annual Meeting

Resident Grant Program

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The Massachusetts College of Emergency Medicine is dedicated to advancing excellence in emergency care, and advocating for emergency physicians, their patients and the health of the community. MACEP has established the Resident Grant Award program to encourage residents & fellows in emergency medicine to pursue activities that can improve emergency care in our state or in our global community.
Eligible Applicants: Any current resident or fellow in an accredited Emergency Medicine residency training or fellowship program in Massachusetts. 
Funding:  One $2,000 grant is available for fiscal year 2024-2025.
Grant applications will be considered in any of the following areas:
1. Public Policy and Emergency Medicine
2. International Emergency Medicine
3. Emergency Medicine Research
Application Process:

Duration: Project must be started by April 15, 2025 and completed by August 15, 2025.
Project Requirements:
  1. All interested applicants must complete an online application by October 15, 2024  
  2. Recipients of the Award will be notified by email by November 15, 2024
  3. Grant recipients should seek IRB approval as appropriate to the project and inform MACEP when that process has been completed. IRB approval/exemption is required before funds are released to grant recipients.
  4. Grant recipients must start the project (i.e. funding issued) by April 15, 2025. If the project is not started by this date, the grant funding will be cancelled. The recipient may reapply for the grant in the next program year.
  5. Each Grant recipient is required to present a brief (10 minute) project summary or the preliminary results of their project at the MACEP Annual meeting May 7, 2025.
  6. Each Grant recipient will submit a summary for the MACEP website their results by September 30, 2025
  7. Budget Clarification -  Indirect vs. Direct Costs

Specific requirements by grant type:
1. Public Policy and Emergency Medicine.
An application should address a current topic of importance to emergency medicine in Massachusetts. The award recipient will identify a topic that could include such areas as emergency department crowding, care of those with behavioral health issues, disaster preparedness, access to care and “liability.” A grant could provide support in order to work with an appropriate state government official appropriate for the selected topic. Appropriate mentorship from the MACEP Chair of the Legislative Committee and the MACEP Lobbyist is encouraged. The project will define a topic, planned work product (legislation, policy report appropriate for distribution to key policy makers, etc).
2. International Emergency Medicine:
Applicants should define a project that will advance the field of emergency medicine in a developing country or similar setting. The project should include explicit goals and objectives (example: educational program on prehospital care evaluation and treatment, resuscitation, injury prevention etc) as well as a letter of support from the proposed site of the project. If formal data are gathered, the grant will require approval from the host IRB and institutional IRB. The project must define a specific objective. Support for clinical rotations will not be considered.
3. Emergency Medicine Research
A resident can submit an application for an original research project. Such an application should follow standard grant applications (EMF, NIH) and include a budget for the use of the award. Analyses of existing data as well as pilot studies to explore novel research hypotheses will be considered. Award is contingent on IRB approval from the institution. Application should indicate the hypothesis, methods, planned analysis and required resources.

MACEP is committed to advancing emergency medicine and supporting the future leaders of our specialty.
If you have any questions in regards to the application process please contact the MACEP Office or call 781-890-4407.