Save the Date!

Wednesday, May 6, 2020 is MACEP's Annual Meeting to be held at the Massachusetts Medical Society Conference Center, Waltham, MA

Resident Program Reps

2019-20 MACEP Resident Program Representatives:
Boston Medical Center -
Erin Oakley, MD
Baystate Medical Center - Sarah Badach, DO
BIDMC - Alec Koffer, MD; Dan Lapidus, MD
HAEMR -Lucinda Lai, MD; Farah Dadabhoy, MD
UMass Memorial Medical Center - TBD

EM Resident Program MACEP Representative Role:

2 Resident representatives from each of the 5 EM residency programs will be the designated contact person for MACEP events. It is expected that these individuals will assist the Resident Representative to the Board of Directors with disseminating information and generating interest within their respective residency programs. One person will be eligible for a $600 stipend to ACEP's L & A Conference in Washington, DC. No absolute requirements are necessary to receive the stipend other than an expectation to maintain involvement with MACEP during the remainder of his/her residency. These five individuals will be encouraged to apply for the position of the Resident Representative to the Board of Directors the following year.

One resident will be chosen each year from the 5 residency programs in the state to be MACEP’s Lead Resident Representative. 

The lead representative will be responsible for:

  • Communicating with all the residencies in the state about major MACEP events (e.g. Annual meeting, Job Fair, Educational programs) including contacting the 5 residency and/ or program directors regarding their facilitation of resident involvement in these events.
  • Facilitating the selection of a resident representative for each of the 5 EM residency programs within MA.
  • Attending MACEP events and programs barring any significant scheduling conflicts.
  • Attending at least one Board of Directors’ Meeting during the year to provide a report on issues relevant to resident or to provide suggestions to address resident issues
  • Joining one MACEP committee
  • Conferring with the MACEP Board Liaison on a quarterly basis

In return MACEP will select one member from the Board of Directors to act as the Liaison to the Resident Representatives in order to offer guidance and to ensure adequate communication.

Program representatives will be chosen each year in May/June. The Resident Representative to the Board will be selected by September.