Save the Date!

Wednesday, May 6, 2020 is MACEP's Annual Meeting to be held at the Massachusetts Medical Society Conference Center, Waltham, MA

Government Affairs

Committee Chair - Vacant

The goal of the MACEP Government Affairs Committee was formed to develop and advocate for effective governmental policies, and educate policy makers and members by:

1. Expand number of members participating in committee
2. Expand communications on legislative actions within MACEP
3. Develop a proactive legislative agenda and strategies
4. Advance strategic priorities through effective legislative advocacy
5. Build contacts with coalitions, organizations, and individuals with similar interests (e.g. MBHP, MMS, etc).
6. Identify regulatory topics for potential task force development and action (e.g. managed care advisory)


  • Preventable/Avoidable Emergency Department Visits
  • Behavioral Health Patient Boarding in Emergency Departments