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Wednesday, May 1, 2024 is MACEP's Annual Meeting

Grants Previously Awarded

The Impact of Patient Characteristics on Triage Assessments - EM Research
Point-of-Care Ultrasound teaching at FAME hospital in Tanzania - International EM
Is PAN-SCAN Necessary? Injury Patterns and Outcomes of Geriatric Patients after Ground-Level Falls - EM Research

Approaches to Pediatric Airway Management by Emergency Medical Service Providers Across Massachusetts - EM Research


Utilization of Point of Care Ultrasound for Air Critical Resuscitation - EM Research
Development of a Peer Recognition Platform to Improve ED Collaboration​ - EM Research
A New Approach to Treating Acute Pain in the Emergency Department: Establishing Regional Anesthesia as an Opiate-Alterative Analgesia Strategy - EM Research

Studying the impacts of to-go medications for vulnerable populations at Massachusetts General Hospital - EM Research
Changes in emergency department rates of stress testing and chest pain outcomes over the past decade - EM Research
Evaluation of Implicit Bias in Standard Letter of Evaluations (SLOEs) and submitted non-standardized recommendations for emergency medicine residency applicants - EM Research

Inter-professional Gender Bias During Emergeny Medicine Residency: A Mixed Method Study - EM Research
Non-Opiate Analgesic Options Pain Management Practice Patterns in the Prehospital Setting - EM Research
Overcrowding in Emergency Departments - Public Policy

Effect of Medicaid Expansion on ED Utilization - EM Research
Resource Utilization of individual emergency physicians (EPs), and how that use changes over the course of a shift - EM Research
Evaluation of the impact of urgent care clinics on Massachusetts EDs - EM Research

A New Method for Assessing Pain in the Emergency Department - A Pilot Study - EM Research
Stand Up and Fight Falls - Implementation of a Patient Education Video to Prevent Geriatric Falls - EM Research
Time is Money:  The True Cost of Helicopter EMS - EM Research

What Structures and Incentives with ACO/ED Organizational Relationships Exist in Massachusetts -  Public Policy
An Emergency Department Education Program for Opiate Overdose Recognition and Response - Public Policy
Mobile Medical Reference App for Medical Providers at the Boston Marathon - EM Research

Inventory and Operating Characteristics of EDs Within the Indian Health Service (HIS) - Public Policy
Pulmonary Embolism Diagnosis Using Bedside Ultrasound - EM Research
A Randomized Trial of Ultrasound Guided Peripheral IV Placement With and Without Modified Seldinger Technique in the ED - EM Research

Lung Ultrasound During Treatment of Acute Heart Failure - EM Research

Evaluation of the Implementation of Triage in Post-Earthquake Haiti - International EM
Shared Decision Making in the Workup of Pulmonary Embolism in the ED - EM Research
Comparison of Advanced Airway Management Techniques by Tactical EMS Providers - EM Research

Implementation of a Sign-Out Checklist in the Emergency Department - EM Research
Redundant Laboratory Testing in the Emergency Department - EM Research
The Provision of Diagnosis on Emergency Department Discharge - EM Research

A Qualitative Analysis of "No Diversion", A Statewide Ban on Ambulance Diversions in Massachusetts - Public Policy
Vietnam Emergency Medicine Project - Efficacy of an American Model of Post-Graduate Training in Hue, Vietnam - International EM
Effect of the Recovery Audit Contractor Demonstration Project on Acute Care Hospitalization -  EM Research

Return Visits to the Pediatric ED Requiring Admission: A Quality Improvement Tool and Potential Rule - EM Research
The Effect of Crowding and Emergency Department Length of Stay on Outcomes in Critically Ill Patients with Intracerebral Hemorrhage - EM Research
Acute Treatment of WPW-Associated Tachyarrhythmia -  EM Research
Variations in Utilization of Observation Stays Based on Clinical Diagnosis Across Massachusetts Acute Care Hospitals - Public Policy

Impact of Pulse Oximetry in a Resource-Limited Acute Care Environment - EM Research
Rural Emergency Care in Uganda - International EM
The FAST Exam as a Predictor of Clinical Outcome in Urban South Africa - International EM